Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

I take so many photos of whatever we’re doing that our 3 year old has gotten used to seeing me take my iPhone out throughout the day.  It wasn’t always like that though.  He used to say ‘Don’t take my picture’, as soon as I would reach for the phone in my pocket.  That would only slow me down to taking a photo or two instead of completely discouraging me though.  So recently he has started using a new tactic.  As soon as I go for the phone, he asks me to let him use it to take the picture that he wants to take.  Maybe he’s learned to use the classic parenting strategy of redirection that we try to use on him ?

Since I’m a trusting parent, I go ahead and let him use the expensive phone.  I do worry about him breaking it, but so far nothing bad has happened.   Though who smashed the screen of my iPhone on New Year’s Day ?  That would be me.

He’s becoming an expert on the extreme closeup.  Moving in with the camera as close as possible, asking me if that will be a good picture, and then snapping away.  Sometimes taking 20 or 30 shots of the same subject.  I doubt that my parents would have let me take 30 pictures with one of their cameras back in the old print film days.  Hooray for digital cameras!

Just about all of the photos are blurry, or are closeups of his fingers.  But sometimes he comes up with some unusual shots.  So I’ll say that I’m fulfilling the challenge by presenting the unique perspective of a potential future artist.

Here’s one of my favorites, his cup and straw.


This one is of one of the snowflakes he cut out and taped to his bedroom window.IMG_2525

He took this one at a local farm just this afternoon.  He thought it was hilarious that the calf was wearing a ‘Bob the Builder’ jacket.

‘Smile, Cow!’  He said.





Another one he took today, also at the same farm as the calf pen above.    He’s also becoming an expert at identifying cars, he wasn’t sure what this one was so let’s take a picture of it.  (An old Saab, I’m guessing late 60′s.)




Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique — 5 Comments

  1. I love your son’s photos! He sure knows what’s interesting to photograph in his little world. Oh, and it sounds like you can trust him more with taking good care of your phone than you can trust yourself. ;-)

    • His grandmother gave him a small digital camera for Christmas. It’s a very nice camera, but the controls are too small for him to use yet, so he’s using the iphone for now. It’s hard to find a good camera for a 3 year old!