Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Of the many things that I’d like to change, most don’t make for interesting photos, such as getting a new job, or getting in shape! No one wants to see a picture of me working, which usually involved me talking on the phone all day and sending out emails, or a picture of my flabby belly. But there is one thing that I do hope to do in the coming year and that is to improve on my cooking skills.

As the stay at home parent, one thing I do most days is cook dinner most nights. It’s not as though I’m a bad cook, but my selections have become stale lately. So I’ve been looking to add new things to the standard group of recipes that I make. I have no problem buying cookbooks, or reading them, it’s the actual planning involved in getting a list of ingredients together and then going out and buying those specific things that I’m not so great at, especially if the ingredients are new to me. I’m the king of recipe ingredient substitutions!

This resolution will undoubtedly result in many failed attempts at making something edible. Such as the pork ribs marinated in orange juice and maple syrup that we had earlier this week. Must have been a measuring mistake on my part, but they tasted more like oranges and maple syrup than like pork ribs. Oh well, back to the cook books.   I have had some successful meals recently though,  here’s a post , and another one.

So here’s some random photos of meals that did at least turn out to be edible.  Nothing fancy here though!





I should also add that if Ms. J could add something to this post it would be to say that her resolution for me would be to get back to doing some artwork.  This year for Christmas she got me a set of pencils from Irojiten.  She knows that I’m a sucker for really high quality things, but I’ll never buy them for myself, so she found these Japanese pencils.  A total of 30 pencils, grouped together in sets of 10 in small boxes.  Ohhhh.. very nice.    Last year, my soon to be brother-in-law bought Mr. C a beautiful set of colored pencils from Germany.  I’m sure J saw me eyeing them for myself.  Either that or she remembered the promise I made years ago to draw something for her after she came across some of my old artwork.  With these Irojiten pencils I might have to actually do it.

These resolutions t might be hard to follow through on since most of my time is taken up with my 3 year old, but we’ll see what happens I guess







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  2. good luck with the resolution! I’ve decided that I really need to step up my game in this area too. Cooking just does not come naturally too me. It takes all my brain power. And I always miss something big. Anyway, keep us posted on your progress.

    • I’m by no means an expert.

      J came home one time and said ‘How about just making soup?’ To which I’m sure I gave her a mystified look since she meant actually making some soup, with chicken stock and whatever else.

      I have since figured it out, but there’s plenty of things that I’ve never made yet.

    • We do have a slow cooker! Exactly the type of recipes that I tend to forget about. oh, yeah, that thing over in the corner, didn’t we use that last Winter to make something, what was it ? soup ? Once we do start to use it, we do use it fairly often, to make various soups, and stocks.

      And it’s funny that you mention ‘Mom’ recipes’ since my Mom gave us a pile of slow cooker recipes. Nice to see fo historic purposes, but too much fat for us!

  3. To help with your cooking resolution, I can’t recommend the following cookbooks enough: Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals, Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals and The Innocent Smoothie Company cookbook “Hungry”.

    They all contain really quick & easy-to-do ideas. Some of the 30 min meals are ambitious but we take parts of the meal to cook, for example, they come with 3 or 4 components (including) pudding and we might just make one along with one of our more ‘routine’ meals!

    Enjoy & good luck with your new years resolutions!

    • I’ll have to check that out, thanks! I’m reading a Nigel Slater cook book now, The Kitchen Diaries, which has some quick recipes as well. Last year we tried out the Ferran Adria book, The Family Table, which is good too.

    • I’ll have to read a lot more of your blog too! Since I’m self hosting, I’ve developed an interest in SEO and everything else website related.

  4. I have had the same problem of my meal plans getting stale. I found we were eating meals with about a two week rotation. I finally made a list of all the meals that we regularly ate as a family (there were more than I thought!), which at least gave me a starting point with planning before shopping. Then I could deliberately schedule in a new dish without feeling pressured to do it more than once every couple of weeks.

    • Thanks for your comment!

      That’s a good idea, writing down the standard meals would help cut down on the ‘what to do with these ingredients tonight’ dilemma. I also tend to forget some of the standards as the seasons change. ‘oh yeah, lentil soup, I remember making that last winter’.

  5. I know just what you mean about your selection being stale. I used to cook all sorts of different things and Saturdays always used to be baking and recipe book day. I jointed rabbits, experimented with polenta and cooked meals that took hours to make. That was before child. Now we eat a lot of roast vegetables, chicken, one pot meals and curry!

    • You reminded me that my Mom would spends Sundays making roasts, soups, and things like lasagna which we would then have for the rest of the week, which I should do more of.

      Also, I’m jealous of your apparently easy access to rabbit. I would have to special order it from the one butcher in town who could get it!

  6. Well, I can only congratulate you for cooking a different meal from scratch every single night. I’d never find the time to do it, even though I love to cook. I purchase / prep / cook most of my ingredients for the week in a single day. Then I combine them different ways throughout the week. For example, I’ll cook 2 types of veggies and alternate them. I’ll cook plain pasta and make different dishes on different nights with them. I have cooked or frozen protein possibilities and they’re ready in 5 minutes. That’s what works for me, time deprived. :-)

    Congratulations on the pencils too. I have no idea why so many American brand pencils are of crappy quality. I’ve bought many types of colored pencils for my kids and they are a pain to sharpen or break a lot. A few months ago I gave up and shared my box of French Conte pencils, which are somehow outrageously expensive here. They’re old and by far the best of all the pencils. Go figure!

    • I should congratulate you on doing so much in advance. I’m not sure I would have the patience to do that, or the foresight to plan in advance to that extent. I usually end up having to go to the supermarket more often than I’d like to since I’m not planning as much as I should.

      I still have some old Berol pencils, must be about 30 years old now! I was sad to find out that they’re not really the same any more. Having spent years in various ad dept. jobs, I met a lot of very particular Art Directors, who were always very knowledgable about their preferred pencils!