Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

These were taken at a cranberry bog in Carlisle, Massachusetts, in early October.  We wanted to check out the bog to see if it was berry harvest time.  In the fall, the cranberries are harvested by flooding the bogs with a few feet of water that is diverted from a nearby pond.   Once the bogs are flooded, some of the berries float away from the bushes and float to the surface of the water where they are scooped up by a harvester that skims along the water.

The floating berries make create huge rafts that look like little red circles that cover the bogs. We were actually a little early this year, so unfortunately we didn’t get to see the harvest.  We did get to see the great sunset though as we walked around the bogs and pond.




The one below is not a reflection.  I just like this photo, Mr. C is throwing rocks into the pond.  He was perfectly happy with the walk, even though there was no harvest that day.  This is a popular site for people to walk their dogs, so he was able to play with some of the dogs, large and small, as they walked and ran around the bogs.


This is a shot of the cranberry bush field, the dry cranberry field.  If it was harvest time I would have had some great shots of the sunset reflected in the red berries as they floated on the surface of the water, oh well.  It’s still a pretty good shot anyway.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections — 6 Comments

  1. These are stunning shots; especially that first one. I was looking forward to seeing shots of the berries too… finally catching up. :-)

    • Thanks very much! the one time that I did see the harvest I did not have a camera with me. But that’s ok, just have to remember it.

    • I’ve actually only seen a harvest once, it seems to happen very quickly. I suppose the berries would get too soggy if they didn’t do it fast.