Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

We had a snow storm here in southern New Hampshire yesterday, so I wasn’t able to get any photos outside.  Instead I had to wait until today to get some photos of the neighborhood.   March snowstorms around here end up dumping a few inches of heavy wet snow, the good thing is that it  usually doesn’t stick around too long since the temperatures are finally getting warmer as we get closer to Spring.

Not too difficult for me to use my phone to take photos, especially since I’m addicted to my iPhone and I will be seen using it throughout the day. It’s to the point where I think my thumbs are getting some kind of repetitive stress injury from all of the screen swiping I do all day.

There’s not a lot of places where the gritty city of Nashua would appear very photogenic, but I tried my best.  We do have some nice parks in the area, so here’s a photo of the park near our house.  Yesterday’s snowfall does make for some nice shadows of the tree branches.

There’s a small playground on the far end of the park.  My 3 year old calls this ‘Two Slide Park’.  I’m not sure why he calls it this since it has three slides.  I’ve been known to call it ‘Two Slide Park’ when talking to other adults, who will have no idea what I’m talking about.


And here’s a shot taken from a bridge in another park nearby.  My son told me to wait until the ducks landed in the river before taking the photo.  Already he’s a critic of my photographic compositions.

They seemed to think that we had some food for them.  They were disappointed. 20130309-205347.jpg

And here I am about to get hit in the head with a large chunk of snow.

I quickly put the iPhone away before the deadly reign of terror descended on my head, and down my back. 20130309-205440.jpg


Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Peter,
    my goodness that’s a lot of snow for March.
    I like the way you captured the shadows of the trees in your picture of the playground.
    I also wouldn’t stick around if someone was aiming to throw snow at me…cute picture!

    • Thanks! Looks like a lot, but it’s not so bad. At least Spring is on it’s way and the days are getting sunnier!

  2. Hi Peter,

    Very nice :)Photos of anywhere in the US feel like “Hometown USA” to the expat that I am.
    Great first photo and lucky you were not bombed in the last!!

    • Thanks! I don’t think of my area as being photogenic at all, but then again I just left a comment to let a blogger in Italy know that No his town in Italy does not actually look “boring”!

    • I knew it was coming so it wasn’t much of a surprise. I thought I’d play along with his plan. I suppose it’s good to get Dada with a snow ball once in awhile!