Weekly photo: Lunch

I take photos of food all the time with my iPhone, but almost alway it’s of dinner.  My resolution this year has been to come up with some new recipes, which to me means new dinner recipes, so I’ve got plenty of photos of great looking dinners.  But few lunch shots.

I spend my lunches with my 3 year old, so lunch is usually something quick because when I finally do get him to sit for lunch its because he is hungry, and hungry right now.   This means that lunch is usually leftovers from last night’s dinner, which don’t tend to make for good looking photos, or something that I can cook quickly, which is what we had yesterday.

So here it is, nothing fancy, scrambled eggs with ham and cheese with green beans.  Served on a table covered with today’s and yesterday’s newspaper.



Weekly photo: Lunch — 5 Comments

    • I know! He’s so intent on not stopping what he’s doing that he doesn’t seem to notice that he’s getting hungry until he’s starving, then he wants to eat right away.

  1. Hi Peter,
    Scrambled eggs always hit the spot :).
    I can relate to the leftover lunches( which is why I am waiting for the Sunday lunch).Leftovers can be tasty but not always photogenic.

    • I was tempted to skip it this week since I didn’t really have a good photo, since lunch is one of the rare times that I don’t have my camera ready – I’m too busy trying to eat!