Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

This might be a case of the subject of the photo being lost in the details rather than the photo itself being about the details, but maybe it’s both.   So there are three photos, starting with the big macro picture, then going down to the micro level.

This past Christmas, we set up a train around the base of the Christmas tree.  My son played with it for hours.   He then had the bright idea that his Lego figures should have tiny little gift boxes that they could load into the train.


Here he is loading them onto the train.



And here they are being loaded onto the train!

He had help from his Mom on the wrapping!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Peter,
    What I love here is how wonderful it is to get lost in the details… Children do this naturally and we forget that as adults. Photography can bring us back to this wonder :). Happy Monday!

    • Sometimes I’m a little lost in wondering what it is he’s either talking about or looking at, and will be surprised when I figure it out. It’s often something that I had not expected.

  2. Oh how I loved those “lego days” with my boys! Aren’t those little lego characters so FUN!?
    I think you handled the challenge perfectly! I like every single thing about your pics!

    • Thanks very much! We play wit Legos so much that by the end of the day sometimes my fingers have little “paper cuts”