Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I didn’t think I would have enough interesting photos for this challenge, but it turned out to be easier than I thought it would be!

From the top left:

These are our coffee mugs.  We bought these mugs in the Stone Soldier pottery gallery in Vermont.  Agonized over the price for a few minutes, but decided that we liked them enough to just go ahead and buy them.  Now I can’t remember how much they cost anyway, and they’re my favorite mugs.  These are hand made glazed cups, just the right size for a good cup of morning coffee.  Thick enough so that the cup doesn’t get too hot, but not so thick that its too heavy.  I always try to find my green coffee cup in the morning and will reluctantly get a different one if it’s dirty.

Next is a pile of old books from our huge collection, all with green bindings.  We get a lot of these older books from the Brattle book store in Boston.  Most of them cost somewhere between $1 and $5.  Rarely do we pay more than $3 though.  It’s becoming harder and harder to find these old books though, so I’m glad we’ve stocked up!  Most of them have some kind of inscription in them.  Seems to have been a very common thing to do, to write your name in your book, or to write a note to the person you are giving the book to.  My 1905 Baedeker guide to Belgium and Holland was apparently owned by Horace Morrison of Bishopgate Street, London. The 1902 copy of ‘Mr.s Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch’ was owned by Annie Louise Bassette and is dated May 7th 1902.  I always wonder what the former owners of the books we have were like.  Did Mr. Morrison ever get the chance to go to Belgium, and how did his book end up in New Hampshire ?

Upper right corner is the dinosaur that Mr. C made today out of large rubber blocks.  That’s him peaking through one of the eyes!  He was quite intrigued as to why we had to only use the green blocks.  ’It’s for the photo challenge!’  I said as he looked at me as if I were crazy.  There are are yellow, green, red, and blue blocks in the set, and he never really cares which color he builds with.  These blocks were a gift from about two years ago, he still plays with them so this was a very successful gift from Grandma.  He became more excited when I asked him to find more green things, he actually suggested that we try to find some green books.  So then he and I searched the shelves for the books we used in the previous photo.

Second row starts with a photo that Mr. C took a month or so ago.  Considering how many photos I take he’s started to get interested in taking some himself. At first I was a little unsure about handing over my iPhone so he could try it out, but with some supervision, why not?  This is a photo of one of his favorite Matchbox cars, it’s a green convertible.  He carefully placed it on the seat of his chair and then proceeded to take about 40 pictures of it from a variety of angles. That’s the good thing about digital photography, it’s easy to take the photo, and it doesn’t cost anything either.

In the middle is a scene of the rolling grass covered sand dunes on Martha’s Vineyard with its wooden boardwalk.  A particularly photogenic spot and a beautiful summer day at the beach.

Next up is Mr. C sitting next to the base of a tree in the forest at Beaver Brook Park in Hollis, New Hampshire.  If it looks like he’s sad, he’s not really sad, he’s just pretending to be a frog who can’t find his pond.  In just a few seconds the frog found the pond and he jumped off the tree, so I was happy to get this shot.

I don’t know how I could have a green theme and not include a shot taken in the forest, so here’s one on the bottom row.  I remember that this was the hottest day of summer so we decided to get out of town and go to the forest for a hike.  I guess we thought it would be cooler under the shade of the trees.  It wasn’t cooler at all, it was that hot that the trees didn’t do much good.  Any hazy effect achieved in that photo is due to the close to 100% humidity on that day.

Then there’s Mr. C  on the beach wearing his favorite green shirt.  I was sorry to have to retire that shirt at the end of summer.  He was only able to wear it for about three months.  They really do grow up fast.

The last one is the artistic shot of the bunch.  This is another one that Mr. C took. It’s of the sheet on his bed.  I kind of like it.  Our future Man Ray!







Weekly Photo Challenge: Green — 12 Comments

  1. Your photos are simply beautiful and the accompanying backstory made it all the more entertaining. Love your greens and yes, they grow so fast! ;-)

  2. It is funny how attached we get to certain mugs. They have to fit well in your hand and fit the right amount of coffee or tea…you covered it well…it can’t get too hot, but it must keep the beverage hot…

    • It’s very tricky. We have a mug that can not be put in the dishwasher, the heated drying will break it. I always am a little annoyed when I grab that mug in the morning. Drinking the coffee with the thought in the back of my head to try to remember to not put it in the dishwasher. There’s another one that looks like it’s a good sized mug, but it’s not, it’s too small. You don’t notice that it’s too small until you use it. It’s a science.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece. And I really like your choice of photos. That little guy of yours is adorable! The mixture of your shots is so clean and varied.

    I have one question, tho’, and it may sound silly. I am new at blogging and I love to take pictures. I just got a new camera a couple of months ago and I have taken a bunch of them since. My question: how does one find out about the photo challenges? Thanks for sharing your “space”.

    • I probably do take it for granted! I could do a separate post just with photos from a local park that we go to often, Beaver Brook in Hollis, New Hampshire. The fun thing about blogging is that I get to see the day to day things people do around the world, but I sometimes forget that people would want to see some of the day to day things that I take for granted and wouldn’t really think as being blog worthy.