Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Fall is really just a brief warning here in New England.  A warning that Winter is coming, bringing snow, ice,  and cold dreary days for months.

Having just turned 3 this past summer, this is probably the first season that Mr. C started to notice the differences in the seasons.  This is the first season that he has started asking questions about what is going to happen next season.  ’Will the leaves come back ?’  ’Is Winter coming ?’  ’Is snow coming ?’    ’Where will the squirrels and birds go ?’  ’How will they find food after the snow starts?’  ’Will they do cold living in the trees ?’   If there were giraffes around here, would they be friendly with the squirrels ?

So a couple of weeks ago, he wanted to help out the local squirrels make the transition to Winter  by building them a house. He gathered up sticks and pine cones and made a little house at the base of a tree:





We also found a conservation area nearby, one that we had never been to before.  Unfortunately, with the cold weather coming, we’ll probably not be able to go there very often until the Spring comes.

So for some additional shots of late Fall, here’s a look at our walk in the woods.










Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons — 11 Comments

  1. Nice squirrel house! I wouldn’t mind the furry creatures if they lived in the forest, but we have too many city dwellers. They are cute but they eat all the potted flowers and plants they can get their hands on, and if they don’t eat them, they just dig them up and toss them out of the pots to die. I would build squirrel houses far far away from my own yard! So great that you are enjoying time with your son.

    • We went into Boston this past weekend and he was surprised to find how bold the squirrels were at the Public Garden. He’s used to them running away when they are chased, but not in Boston! They will often just run right up to people, hoping to get some food. If you do feed them, they will climb all over you there.

  2. Please allow me to say: this article brought back to me the time when my not-so-little-anymore BabyGurl was three and we had adventures like you depicted with your words and pictures. We loved being outdoors. Running and playing. Sitting in the park. Watching the birds and the squirrels. Feeding the ducks. Such a shame she grew up way too fast.

    Don’t miss a moment with Mr. C. One day soon, you and Ms. J will look up and he’ll be graduating from high school and be off to college. I do love the way you are documenting your journey with him and Ms. J.

    • I had to look up the Croton Aqueduct, it looks like a fun place to go. One of the books I’m hoping to get for Christmas is ‘The Old Ways’ by Robert MacFarlane. The book is about his walks in places like that in England; the old pathways throughout the UK dating back to roman times.