Murdick’s Fudge

This is Murdick’s Fudge shop on Martha’s Vineyard. What is it about going to the beach that makes fudge taste so good ?

(Yes, that’s my thumb in lower right hand corner!)


We don’t usually like fudge. We don’t buy it, or make it when we’re at home.
But when we’re on Martha’s Vineyard, we usually end up getting some fudge at Murdick’s to take with us to the beach.

What makes this fudge better? Is it just the combination of the hot sun, sandy beach, and sound of the crashing waves that somehow makes the addition of fudge to our lunch the ultimate summer treat? Or are we just more relaxed with our diets here since were more relaxed in general while we’re here ?

‘Let’s get some fudge for Mama!’ Mr C says as we walk by.

‘I’m sorry, not right now’ I say.

This is kind of a surprising comment for Mr C to make since he really does not like it. He doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, at least not yet. Maybe he really just wants to get Mama a gift. At $18 a pound it’s not cheap, and I am trying to save money. Then again, gifts are good. This would also be a gift that J could share with everyone. Might be a good opportunity to teach him about sharing. You might be able to tell from the photo though that its cloudy, and cold, so we’re probably not going to the beach anyway. We are here for a couple of days so maybe the weather will change though. Mr. C might like to play with the little box after it’s empty too. Turn it into a tiny car garage. A chance for a fun craft project. We’d be helping a local business too, that’s always nice.

Hmmm.. Maybe we need to come back and think about this…. the decisions of parenthood never end.

We thought about it and no, no fudge this weekend, we are frugal after all. We made brownies instead. Mr C. helped to mix the batter with J, while I grilled the steak. He then helped clean up, mostly by cleaning off the mixing spoon. As good as Murdick’s fudge is, homemade brownies are better, and much less expensive.

We’ve already made a significant dent in the pan after about an hour after dinner.




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    • Updated the post today- we made brownies instead, much cheaper!

      That’s typical of prices on the Vineyard, a dozen eggs will cost $5 – $6, a gallon of milk $5. Ground beef will cost $10a pound!

      We carry over what we can!